An Enchanted Evening

Last Sunday night my dad and I stayed up until almost three in the morning lighting for moths.  While I have done this sort of thing many times, for my dad this activity was a first.  The evening proved to be a lot of fun.  It was fun to stay up with dad, talking about various things and to see his interest in the moths we were attracting.

I suspect I got my nature interests from my dad.  My mom was the type who would rather go shopping, talk to a telemarketer, or debate with the Jehovah Witness at the door than to spend any evening among 'crawlees'.

Dad on the other hand was the one who would take us for hikes and watch for birds at the homemade feeders.

I think so many people miss out on fully living when they won't go outdoors, especially at night.  The forest is an entirely different place at night than it is in the daytime, with totally different sounds and creatures, no scarier than in the daylight.

Among the amazing variety of moths that dad and I found, we also noticed the bats flying overhead, enjoying an amazing meal of moth goulash provided by the attracting power of our mercury vapor and ultraviolet lights.  A wild variety of other bizarre-looking insects also joined us at the sheet.

I am surprised with how uninformed people are about moths.  So many people think of moths only as the little gray and brown bugs that hang out at the porch light.  Moths are just as colorful as butterflies or dragonflies.  I will add a gallery below of some of the more colorful moths of the night.

When Butterfly Ridge gets a little farther along I hope to host an activity called "Saturday Night Lights", which will feature snacks, beverages, music, and an evening of moth lighting.  Initially it will most likely be a "by invitation only" sort of thing, but I hope to add it to part of the paid experience of Butterfly Ridge.  Please let me know if you'd like to be a part of that initial "by invitation only" group.  It will be a good time of friends and nighttime 'crawlees'!